Sunday, September 16, 2012

Korean Rice Poppers

I'll admit I'm awfully late on this trend, but I got a big kick out of seeing the rice poppers "exploding" out of the Broghies machine this morning.


Our local grocery store was kicking them out this morning, and the explosions certainly drew my attention.
I had read about them previously in the Toronto Star, but London, being the backwater town it is, only recently got a machine in house. The entertainment value is worth the cost itself, but these little treats are actually pretty tasty on their own, let alone slathered in honey, Nutella, fruit, yogurt, or even Speculoos Spread!

If you're as unfamiliar with Korean Rice Poppers, aka Broghies, "poppas" or the like, they are essentially fresh made rice cakes. The ones being made this morning were simply corn masala, salt, heat and a lot of air pressure, but taste fabulous. They have a nice airy crunch and can serve as a perfect base for almost anything - sweet or savoury.

On their own, they are a very low calorie snack, being about 20 calories each, with no fat.


Although I'm Korean by ancestry, I had no knowledge of these things. The history, so it goes, is that Korean street vendors would sell them, making them out of rice, heat and wicked air pressure. They've been fairly big in Korea since the 1980's and have been spreading across North America over the last several years.

Have you tried these things before?
Do you like them on their own?
What is your favorite topping?

Let me know if you've seen one of these machines in the wild!
Here's some live action. (great explosion at :30s)!



  1. I wondered where these machines went! We had them in a couple of stores for a year or so, but they disappeared earlier this year. Yes, the explosive sound was startling and I always wondered how the person manning it could stand it! While I never bought any, I tried some - plain was sweet enough for me, but I can imagine PB or chocolate almond butter would be good.

    1. They probably finally made their way to Canada. We always seem to be behind the curve. :(

  2. I love Korean dishes but I haven't ventured into K-snacks. I live in Cocoa Beach, Florida (USA) and I have to drive at least an hour to get to a Korean store and I definitely haven't seen a machine like this. Haven't found a Korean restaurant around here or Orlando. Unlike in Virginia where I discovered tasty Korean dishes, there's so many Korean grocery stores & restaurants.

    Do you know if these broghies come also in sealed packages? I'm so curious now what they taste like. We always have chocolatey-peanut butter spread in the house so I can definitely eat broghies with that. I also just discovered mocha-cappucino flavored peanut butter...oooh, addictive stuff!

    1. Don't think they come in sealed packs. I think it's the novelty and freshness of the product that makes them so entertaining and appealing. Best to buy them fresh out of the machine.