Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Props to Disney for Cutting Junk Food!

(photo courtesy Tom Bricker)

Congratulations to the Walt Disney Company for taking a step in the right direction.
On June 4, 2012 the Disney Corporation announced a wide spread set of guidelines to focus on childhood obesity.

They were able to partner with First Lady Michelle Obama in announcing several important changes.
These included:

  • Banning Food and Beverage products advertised on their networks including the Disney Channel, Disney XD, Radio Disney, Disney Junior and Disney Online sites that did NOT adhere to nutritional guidelines by 2015. (2015 was chosen due to pre-existing ad contracts)
  • Cutting Sodium by 25% in kids' meals at Disney Theme Parks
  • Automatically including healthier sides and beverages, such as low fat milk and carrots at Disney Parks and Resorts.
  • Adding a "Mickey Check" icon to be placed on foods that meet certain nutritional guidelines. Here are the exact guidelines (pdf)

While not perfect, this is a nice 1st step in combating childhood obesity. Being a media giant, (they reach upwards of 99 million viewers on TV networks, as well as 121 million visitors to Disney Parks worldwide,
2011 data here), their impact on advertisers can and should be substantial.

I would like to see this extend to other advertisers, and hopefully to not only kids meals, but adults too.
Good on you DISNEY !

Tell me what you think about their initiative!

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